2015 New innovative Acura TLX with an advanced safety system

October 8, 2015 at 14:20

The serial version of Acura TLX of 2015 model year was presented at the Auto Show in New York in 2014, and the car is quite similar to the concept which was shown for the first time in Detroit a few months ago. The new mid-size luxury sport sedan will replace the Acura TL and TSX, and the company’s line of sedans will include three cars: compact ILX, mid-size TLX and full-size RLX.

new Acura TLX image

new Acura TLX image

Acura NSX – Distraction of the Driver Is as Small as Possible

March 11, 2013 at 09:28

Today we will continue the topic of the inner side of the most outstanding car of this year – Acura NSX. Inside the Acura NSX concept the driver can meet plenty of different kind of leather, as we can note, this is one of the most widely used materials for the car design, as it is the representation of luxury and style. The type of leather most used for the NSX model is called Alcantara and also some inserts are based on carbon fiber, which is a totally new element in the car manufacturing industry. A specific feature of this element is that it is much more lighter than steal and aluminum, but at the same time it is far stronger.

inner side of Acura NSX 2013

Image of the inner side of Acura NSX 2013

Third Generation of Acura MDX Car

February 17, 2013 at 09:24

Under the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, the presentation of the prototype Acura MDX III generation was held. As we have learned it is the car, which will be offered in two versions: with all-wheel drive SH-AWD, and for the first time, with front wheel drive. American public is not that much found of the frontal wheel drive, as the stability is given to the best extent by the all-wheel one, however, the front-wheel drive will suit the best to the off-road conditions, since the cars is somewhat also offered to such rides as well.

inner view of Acura MDX

Photo of the inner view of Acura MDX

Discussion of the Inner Side of Acura ZDX

November 17, 2012 at 02:30

As we have learned, many car owners are interested in the inner design of the car, which they may be willing to buy, that is why we decided to devote our today’s article to the discussion of the inner side of Acura ZDX model. Compared with the work of the Germans, the new Acura turned slightly lower and longer with a shorter wheelbase.

Image of the Acura ZDX inside part

Image of the Acura ZDX inside part

Explaining the SH-AWD System of Acura Cars

September 29, 2012 at 12:19

ESP, DSC, EBD, Active Steering, Distronic – we can name a very long list of systems. All of them, in the end result, are designed to assist the driver in the required time, whether it’s an extreme situation or a sharp turn at high speed. All-wheel drive SH-AWD, used in cars of Acura and Honda brands is among them. However, if the vast majority of systems bring to the process of driving the boredom, the SH-AWD system has very interesting behavior.

Picture of the Acura ZDX car

Picture of the Acura ZDX car

Advantages of Restyled Acura MDX Car

September 27, 2012 at 16:00

In the previous article we have talked about the fact, that the Acura MDX model received a new face, as it was done in the past, we simply wanted to make sure, that the fans of the Acura brand know, that along with the face of the car and its design, there are a lot of other advantages of the restyled MDX and we want to tell them to our readers. Of course the first and undeniable fact, is that people will get the pleasure of riding the Acura.

Photo of Acura MDX on the tests

Photo of Acura MDX on the tests

AcuraTL Becomes More Human

August 19, 2012 at 12:00

Drivers and fans of Acura are aware, that the company wants to make cars, which will be better than the competitors in the end. In such a way, the developers are always busy, trying to find the things, which could have been improved and upgraded. However, the main way to find the places, where these changes can be made, is, without doubt, comparing the features across other brands. Thus marketing people at Acura are doing a lot of work lately.

Image of Acura TL model

Image of Acura TL model