The new Concept Acura ZDX (X6-Fighting)

April 25, 2015 at 22:30

After a series of reconnaissance photographs and images, Acura car company finally gave the name of rival BMW X6, which was named «X6-fighter».
Acura announced the title fresh example of that will be presented at the Motor Show in New York, is now the concept is named «ZDX».

Acura ZDX Concept pics

Acura ZDX Concept image

Acura ZDX – a Fast Response from Japan

March 25, 2013 at 07:55

The market success of BMW X6 clearly was not leaving in a good mood the Japanese Honda. Thus they took all their resources and skills in order to make something worthy from their side and take over the part of the market that the BMW wanted to get. And in fact they did a great job on that one, by putting into production such a great car as Acura ZDX.

black Acura ZDX model

Photo of the black Acura ZDX model

Americans Identified the Most Unpopular Cars of the 2012

January 23, 2013 at 09:42

As the official information about the statistics of the car market were already published, we noted the paths, which talked about the American division of the great Japaneese cars – Acura under the brand name. And as we know, the mother company of this brand, Honda, will help its child survive any conditions, it is still unpleasant for them to get to know that they appeared in the list of the most unpopular cars of the 2012 year.

Acura ZDX model car 2012

Photo of the Acura ZDX model car 2012

Discussion of the Inner Side of Acura ZDX

November 17, 2012 at 02:30

As we have learned, many car owners are interested in the inner design of the car, which they may be willing to buy, that is why we decided to devote our today’s article to the discussion of the inner side of Acura ZDX model. Compared with the work of the Germans, the new Acura turned slightly lower and longer with a shorter wheelbase.

Image of the Acura ZDX inside part

Image of the Acura ZDX inside part

We Are Not Going to See Acura ZDX 2014

November 3, 2012 at 02:36

It is a pity, but the new release of the Acura ZDX car is going to be the last one, meaning that we are not going to see Acura ZDX 2014 any more. The details are here to follow in this article. Press service of Honda announced the termination of the production of the famous crossover coupe Acura ZDX. A luxury car was introduced in 2009, and experts predicted that the company’s model was to become very popular due to its originality and prestige equipment

Photo of Acura ZDX on the road

Photo of Acura ZDX on the road

Acura ZDX – Only the Maximum in 2013 Version

October 27, 2012 at 11:07

Connoisseurs of unusual cars are left with only one year to purchase the great model Acura ZDX. Model 2013 version went through many different upgrades to get in the end a perfect result: a new grille, modified bumpers, parking sensors fitted, and side mirrors with the new function of auto shadowing in the cases of the very strong sun or when the driver behind you forgot to turn of the strong lights, and there is also a new option of color selection, so that the drives can choose which color of the car they want.

Picture of Acura ZDX 2013 version

Picture of Acura ZDX 2013 version

Acura Removes from Production the Crossover Coupe ZDX

October 21, 2012 at 01:15

The famous luxury brand of the Honda company – the Acura is quite famous for the rational decisions, which are made by their headquarters. There are different situations in the car business, because the car market is very difficult to follow and even more difficult it is to predict. Thus, there appear some times situations, when the company needs to call back certain models of the cars, which were on their production. The same happened with the Acura – they removed crossover coupe Acura ZDX from the production, and the details are here to follow in this article.

Picture of the Acura ZDX

Picture of the Acura ZDX